Brazilian cocktails

My first night out – off the grog.

I went to the Brazilian Touch restaurant in the valley for my Boss’ 25th Birthday. The place was this really cheesy Brazilian club where Brazilian waiters came around with massive chunks of meat and offered it around the table. Very novelty. Very funny ending.

It all ended with a performance by crazy Brazilian dancers jumping around in g-strings and fire. God they’re a sexy bunch. I won this massive cocktail in one for the competitions the MC ran – then gave it away. Giving cocktails away, it was a night of many firsts.

The best bit however was after the dancers had finished, the entire group of Australians took it upon themselves to get on the dance floor and dance off to 80’s disco classics.

Several engineers in the group performed, in synchronistic fashion no-less, the sprinkler and the shopping trolley with the same conviction and practice as the Brazilian’s had done the Samba – but a shit load more goofy. It was hilarious. I can see Hatch Christmas party; sprinklers, shopping trolleys and dance circles made of brown suits. Then someone doing a moderately co-ordinated dance move and being completely ostracised for his efforts. 

I drove home about 12am, for some reason I was strangely pondering getting a kebab (even through I haven’t been drinking and wasn’t really hungry). I think that that is really quite interesting. Maybe my stomach has some sort of Pavlovian response with Kebabs at 12am.

So the first night off the booze didn’t go so bad… although I did get home pretty early. 

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