Well I didn’t think this would happen…

My girlfriend just dumped me, an hour ago.

There would be nothing more I would like to do right now than go straight to the Downunder Bar and write myself off on tequila shots with someone that can hardly speak any English. But I can’t, so I type.

It’s a strange place, having to sit in your own emotions.

As a sort of strange and angry compromise as I drove home screaming the Rolling Stones ‘You can’t always get what you want’ in a way that reminds me of Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo & Juliet, when he goes nuts in the car scene. 

I guess the take home lesson here is that I definitely look to alcohol to disengage from my emotions if they are too hard to handle. I think that a lot of stuff which I haven’t dealt with and buried under all those times I have written myself off may rear their ugly head this year… look out.


One thought on “Well I didn’t think this would happen…

  1. pimp music and gym training is my outlet and alternative to boozing when something gets me down, i’m glad u were able to find some solace typing and u fought the temptation to drink bro, very admirable

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