GPOh no

Here at f#%k fluro to watch benny Dj. I’m sitting next to Sammie and blogging on my phone. Very cool.

I think if any of these hoodie wearing 18yo fashionistas knew what I was actually doing – I would be rapidly excommunicated from the venue.


Sammie isnt drinking tonight either so were discussing what happens when you go out sober. We both agree that there is a certain point in the night when the awkwardness fades away and you dont feel like anyone cares that you aren’t drinking. It is at that point that the night becomes pretty fun. It is at that point you are.. incognito.

However, a guy that we just met on the night said to Sam and I that we really stand out because 80% of the people here now are here every weekend.

I guess that is pretty normal everywhere and I wonder if there are people out there that can blend in to any situation and what makes them that way?

It would be cool to identify the key psycholgical metrics of people that can and use them to influence youth behaviour in a positive way. Just a thought.

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