You’ve got vomit on your knee


img_0164Arriving at the Regatta, there was this tangible heat that radiated from the exterior walls like the heat that radiates from a furnace. It was a familiar heat. A sticky heat. A heat that is created by the thousands of squirmy, sweaty people on the inside.


I hesitantly enter the place and finally push my way through the sea of Freshers and out onto verandah to get some air. I stood amazed by the sight. It was like I was looking over a solid pit of flesh. One big body of goop and four thousand sets of eyes.




I guess you could call it a’ populated purgatory’.


My sister and I were dancing downstairs and we spotted a little pile of vomit in the corner. As we watched punter after punter Shuffle through it we became more and more disgusted/amused. About 4 people just went to dance in it and fell over. We just couldn’t seem to help but watch lemming after lemming stack it over the pile. Disgusting.






A guy even did the classic, ‘down on one knee propose to a random girl’ in it. That topped it and I left, probably never to come back again (at least until I forget what it is like). 

Vomit on your knee… very rotten.

One thought on “You’ve got vomit on your knee

  1. Maybe they (we) just drink to make it bearable?

    This week featured a tag team match: ‘fifteen rums and a cyclist vs footpath and power-pole’. The footpath and pole won.

    After the medical examination (he’d be okay), I started trying some research on your behalf but he was too drunk to pronounce his own name. I guess I really only see the effects of binge drinking, not the causes. I’ll keep looking though.

    Any lessons? The road is harder than your face, and you do lose your license for drink-cycling.

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