Bluesfest Revelations

“I Let go of a broken heart, I let go to an open heart, I let go of my broken dreams, I let go to the mystery.”

(One Step Closer To You, Michael Franti)

Michael Franti










Going down to Byron to Bluesfest this year changed my life. It really put things in perspective for me like nothing else. Some people that I have told this to since this have laughed and shrugged it off as a little bit of an exaggerated comment, but it’s the truth. His performance on Friday night literally changed my life.

Before I go into my Byron epiphany, firstly, I just want to say that if I was drinking down there, there is a good chance that I would have missed this lesson or at least forgotten it on the night. Secondly, it’s funny to look back at how I used to be so self-conscious about dancing sober and now to looking at myself on the weekend – Damn Woman! Mmm Mmm, I was shakin’ it non-stop!  & It felt so liberating to be able to be that person who could. 

How my life changed in Byron on Friday night…

Michael Franti - performing










Michael Franti. The dude is incredible, I was watching his performance and from the beginning I was so completely in awe of the passion that he and his band had for their music. He was just so fucking into his job. So committed to his purpose and the music that supported that purpose. Just seeing someone like that, with my own two eyes, really validated what I want for my own life, on so many levels. 

To lay in some context, before I went down to Byron, I had dinner with a person (that I have a lot of respect and love for) who was telling me about his life. He was tired and unhappy and he was talking about how he was chained to his job until he ‘was able’ to retire 5 years later. ‘When I save enough, then I will be happy,’ he said. ‘I’m responsible to my family and to the community’. All this, done in the name of ‘responsibility’ he said.  The truth is his identity of himself was such that he would rather be ‘responsible’ than be free. He would rather be responsible than be happy. 

Then to compare that and see a man like Michael Franti being who he wanted to be, now, and in every way, it made me believe in a better way. Here is a man that has dedicated his life to a purpose, he is truly living it and more than that, he looks like he is having so much damn fun doing it!

Here is a man that had 5000 people all letting go of their worries and jumping around like crazy for at least a couple of hours. Then, I saw that same crowd walk home together and spontaneously strangers would spark into one of the songs they just heard and sing together. That is power. That is purpose.

In the past three months I have gone through a lot of realisations and I feel that hellosundaymorning is my life’s purpose. Even if it is small now, I feel like we are making a bit of a difference. I feel so good when people tell me that it makes them think about their own actions around drinking. It has only happened a dozen or so times so far and each time, it really fills me up. It makes me believe. 

I feel so fortunate to work in a job that supports my purpose and so grateful to have people around me that support that too. I just want to say that I realise that that person I had dinner with (before I went to blues) might have never had similar support, so his life ended up the way it did. 

But, for me, I believe in a better way. Relative to people like Michael Franti, I may be at the busking at shopping centre stage of my career, playing two notes on an old recorder, but I’m really enjoying it for what it is. One crazy adventure. 

Me, Jess (My sister) + AJ (Jess's BF)



17 thoughts on “Bluesfest Revelations

  1. Was just thinking in my head.

    ‘When one person challenges the status quo, it ignites the beginnings of change. Our culture is not reality. I mean, what we define as ‘Australian culture’ did not exist 250 years ago. Culture is fluid. It is changing. Morphing constantly. It is impermanent. Those who contribute to change are those who challenge. Who decide to not follow the norm and move according to their intrinstic inner values. Some may call it: ‘spirit’. It is these people that ignite the spark, give confidence in others, launching the start of new frame of thinking. Gladwell calls it The Tipping Point.’

    You are doing an awesome thing. Create your own reality. And people will learn, too, that they can create their own as well.


    1. Totally. I truly believe that we are at a tipping point in collective conscious. Especially in a country such as ours, never has there been a better time than now to start working together in love, because we have everything we need. We are chillin’ at the top of Maslow’s pyramid going, ‘yeah baby ‘global-actualization, here we come.’ haha

      Speak to you today Edwardo, you legend. x

  2. Hi Sweety,

    I absolutely loved your post! I feel that it is our responsibility to grow and be loving to ourselves and others.

    Woo Byron was amazing. I had a similar life changing experience. Something shifted within me and i feel like i have reached a new peak on the mountain top.. and Chrisi… its a beautiful view.

    It is so important to have that softness in our heart which allows freedom, connection and just to be downrite silly sometimes.

    So glad we shared some of the experience together!

    Keep powering on Chris..

    Lots of love
    🙂 Marli

    1. Marli,

      I love spending time dancing around with you. Letting go and being in the moment. Rain in the face good vibes in the air. YEAOW!

      I’m going to do a post about our meditation next up – would love you to collaborate? I’ll send you the draft when I’ve finished to see what you think. xo

  3. Nice thoughts Chris. I met a guy some years ago who was travelling around Pakistan. He whole heartedly believed that the more festivals you go to the better a person you become.
    I reackon that if you are as open minded and thoughtful as you yourself are, then most experiences can teach/touch/inspire or make you contemplate things in a slightly different way.

    Your writings have definitely changed the way I will look at today. Thanks.

    1. I always thought that would be the best holiday – just go to festivals your whole life.

      Everyone seems to be at there happiest…

  4. Joni’s words from back in the day

    Rows and flowes of angel hair
    And ice cream castles in the air
    And feather canyons evrywhere
    Ive looked at clouds that way

    But now they only block the sun
    They rain and snow on everyone
    So many things I would have done
    But clouds got in my way
    Ive looked at clouds from both sides now
    From up and down, and still somehow
    Its cloud illusions I recall
    I really dont know clouds at all

    Moons and Junes and ferris wheels
    The dizzy dancing way you feel
    As every fairytale comes real
    Ive looked at love that way

    But now its just another show
    You leave em laughing when you go
    And if you care, dont let them know
    Dont give yourself away

    Ive looked at love from both sides now
    From give and take, and still somehow
    Its loves illusions I recall
    I really dont know love at all

    Tears and fears and feeling proud
    To say I love you right out loud
    Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
    Ive looked at life that way

    But now old friends are acting strange
    They shake their heads, they say Ive changed
    Well somethings lost, but somethings gained
    In living every day

    Ive looked at life from both sides now
    From win and lose and still somehow
    Its lifes illusions I recall
    I really dont know life at all
    Ive looked at life from both sides now
    From up and down, and still somehow
    Its lifes illusions I recall
    I really dont know life at all

  5. Hey Chris

    Mr Franti is a musical messiah, a truly inspirational human being. You may not be a messiah but you are an inspirational young man – your commitment to the cause is very impressive and not something this jaded GEN Xer would have expected from a generation that seems to suffer from being ‘entitled’.
    Stay human

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