Hello Morning Radio

This morning, I was given the opportunity to have a chat on  ABC radio (612) about Hello Sunday Morning. 

I was really excited but as my first time ever on radio, but I was honestly pretty nervous this morning :). However, while I was on hold waiting to talk, I got to listen to an old bitty who had a pretty interesting opinion about youth television. She was talking about how she thought that the ABC Kids program shouldn’t have programs like the Simpsons because it was too raunchy!! wow.

I though to myself, I don’t know if the listeners here was the kind that get pissed every weekend, but I guess it’s good to get the word out there in anyway. You never know. I also thought about how cool it was that media have picked this story up and are supportive of finding a solution, not just pointing the finger at the problem. It makes me happy. 

You can hear the brief intereview here..


HSM Love.

2 thoughts on “Hello Morning Radio

  1. CHRIS,

    I just listened to your interview HOW AWSOME!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS. Your actions are very inspiring and it is affecting those around you and who hear of your journey in a very beautiful way..

    Keep rising for a stunning Sunday morning!!

    XXX Marlise

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