the road ahead

We are taking the research we have collated from Hello Sunday Morning, on the road. Where going to Canberra, Bundaberg and Boney-doon. (jokes about the last one – does anyone know if that place actually exists?).

We’re presenting what we are doing with the project, what we have found and our ideas, going forward. 

Many of you have been involved in the focus groups, surveys and some severe scutinisation as we probed your minds to find out why it is you drink. A massive thank you to all for your perseverance!

For those of you that have occasionally read the blog, and you feel that it is nobel enough project to deserve 50 seconds of your time – can you pretty-please take this 5 question survey. 

We want to find out the sentiments of people that don’t have much to do with me, but have read the blog (at least every now and then) to get some quick feedback.

So please,  put your 2 cents worth in here.

Secondly, if any of you out there have had the inclination to write a post on your own personal experiences with alcohol – please get in touch as I’d love to profile a few stories from other people at some stage.


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