It. Is. So. Good. To. Be. Home.

I spent this saturday night with my Uni friend Claudia and her baby girl, Marley. We find that there are curious parallels in the radical shift to Claudia’s social life, finances and almost everything about our lives this year.

I feel so humbled and so grateful for the experience. Not drinking for a year is nothing compared to being a young single mother. How relative it all is!

Then on Monday I spent the day with Heidi, my sister. Heidi has cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy at the Nambour hospital.

Seeing the chemo drip be fed through a portocath on her chest in a not unfamiliar way as I saw Claudia (my previously carefree friend from uni) breast feed her child next to me, was an incredible parrallel circumstance that gave me a real appreciation for life and how it often throws us in the deep end.

I guess that although we can’t control it most of the time, what really matters is how we swim.

2 thoughts on “MOTHER COUNTRY

  1. This one really puts things into perspective – our trivial problems/hoops we have to go through are definitely humbled when we take a step back.

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