Hello Stranger!

Talking to a stranger can not just be awkward but it can be very confronting at times. As adults we tend to only feel comfortable talking to strangers when we have to or when we’ve got a few ‘under the belt’.

Just by saying ‘hey, other human’ we not only remind ourselves that we’re essentially cut from the same piece of ‘jib’ but it can give you and said stranger a boost of the feel good factor.

We’ve pulled together our favourite stranger appreciation signs from running events around the world to show you just how simple and rewarding it can be.

#1. That ol’ guilt trip

#2. Where else would you rather be?

Run Inspo_3

#3. The subtle encouragement

Run Inspo_7

#4. The hustle

Run Inspo_10

#5. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Run Inspo_9

#6. The high school reminder that you didn’t voluntarily choose to exercise

Run Inspo_11-2

#7. We’re in this with you.. kinda

Run Inspo_4

#8. The not so subtle ‘encouragements’

Run Inspo_8

#9. Who would disagree with him?

Run Inspo_2

#10. Why? Because we’re in this together

Run Inspo_6

It could be a simple ‘hello’ to the person next to you on the bus or acknowledging a stranger as you pass them on the street.

A simple ‘Hello’ really could lead to a million things.

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