What is Hello Sunday Morning?

The search for a better way...










Hello Sunday Morning is a blog about taking an objective view of our drinking culture.

I have committed to not drinking for a year and doing observational & psychological research into youth behaviour to find a viable alternative to problematic youth drinking. 

This project is for young people who believe that there is a better way. It is about creating positive change to the aspects of our youth culture for future generations. 


2 thoughts on “What is Hello Sunday Morning?

  1. HI Chris, we saw you in Bundy this week with the other speakers. What you are doing is good work……let’s see what young people in Bundy do with the “hello sunday morning” initiative and measure rural vs urban as well as employed vs unemployed and above award wages vs low socio economic young people ……..we’ll keep you posted. The YAK Attacj team started up the facebook last nite and are getting into it already. We’ll keep you in the loop. Viki

    1. Hi Viki,

      That is awesome! I would love to hear their thoughts. Good luck with the social media, I hope it is helpful.


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